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Website is most important for every business to grow sales and audience online. It is the identity of every business and one of the trending technology on the internet.

Millions of businesses have their website online and many are still creating their business website. The website can be business, personal, blog, informational, applications, and more.

As a web designer, I am happy to share some of the important features of a website. This will help to make the site more powerful and user-friendly.

Features of Website and Recommendations

Below are some of the features of the website.:

1. Domain Name

The domain is the main name of your website. On my site. “” is my domain name where people find out about me, check my service, and contact me. The domain name should be easy to remember and understand.

A short domain name is always best for your website because people can easily remember it. Never book trademark words and names with domain names such as “Youtube, “Facebook”, or “amazon”.

You can easily purchase domain names with .com, .net, and .org extensions at a good price from Namecheap.

2. Better Hosting

No matter which technology you use for building your website, Hosting is most important. Never choose cheap hosting. The cheapest hosting has low security of data and server errors. Always try to use trustable hosting such as mocha host for your WordPress website.

3. Eye-catching graphics for the website.

The visual representation and graphic gives more information and attracts more visitors to the website. Never use any images randomly that you find on google which causes copyright issues. Always try to purchase images or use that are copyright free.

Images are helpful on websites for sliders and describe information or in the blog post.

You can check thousands of pictures from Deposit Photo.

4. Create Branded Logo

Logo plays a vital role in branding, business, and your website. The logo should be unique and meaningful. You can hire freelancers for logo creations from Fiverr or can design using logo maker tools like smashing logos etc.

5. Create Website Forms

When you build the website, different forms may be included on the site such as contact form, lead collection form, or registration forms. For helps to collect user data and helps to receive messages. You can try different forms like WP forms and contact forms to create forms on the website. The form is one of the important features that should have on the website.

6. SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)

When you create your website, visibility is most important. SEO is the process of optimizing websites and pages in different search engines like google, bing, etc. There are many sources of generating traffic to websites like paid marketing in Google, Facebook, and other major social media like Instagram and youtube.

But SEO traffic is one of the best because you can able to generate organic traffic without spending hundreds of dollars on marketing.

There are different kinds of SEO On the page, Technical, and Off-page. These all are important and you should always focus on unique content, keyword research, and proper planning to get organic traffic from search engines.

There are still some more traffic sources like solo ads, where you can contact influencers for getting paid traffic to your website at a low cost.

7. Mobile Optimization / All Browser Friendly

Internet users are from mobile, tablet, and from different browsers including firefox, safari, and chrome. It is very important to have your website mobile-friendly. A website that is friendly for mobile devices helps to generate more sales and leads from all devices.

Most WordPress themes are responsive. But even need to optimize for a better user experience. I highly recommend your website to be mobile and all devices friendly and responsive.

7 Best Laptops For Web Designers, Freelancers, & Bloggers – AMAZING.

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The laptop is essential when you started your blogging, web designing, or freelancing journey. You can find many laptops online these days. It always depends on RAM, Harddisk storage, Screen size, and many more. Here in the post, I am going to discuss the best laptop for web designers, Freelancers, and Bloggers. Before, here are some best tips before choosing the best laptops.

Mistake When Buying Laptops

When you are new to buying a laptop or an expert there may be some mistakes. I have researched many videos about avoiding laptop-buying mistakes. And found the best from the “Tech Gear Talk” youtube channel. You can view his video below.

Video Source From “Tech Gear Talk”

How to Choose the Best Laptops

Here are a few steps before choosing the best laptops.

1. Check OS (Operating System)

The operating system is one of the major factors before choosing a laptop. There are many operating systems such as MS Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS, and Fedora in the market. You need to choose the best that you are familiar with.

For example, I am familiar and experienced with windows OS but I feel uncomfortable with ubuntu because I have no experience with it. Ubuntu also has many features and advantages like speed and more but users may prefer to choose easy to operate it.

2. Check Cost / Pricing

Everyone has not the same budget. It is really important to check the cost and pricing of the laptop. You have different options for choosing prices either purchasing from Amazon, Walmart, or even from local stores.

Always make sure to check the cost and pricing of the laptop before you purchase.

3. System Configurations

Even if you are not more technical, Try to check the RAM, Processor, and Total storage of the laptop. Is very important to have good configurations because as time goes on, There is the latest version of software and application developed.

Example: If you are a graphic designer and want to work on photoshop’s latest version, Make sure your laptop supports the software before you purchase it.

4. Check the Warranty

As an electronic device, There will always be a chance of getting damaged of your devices. Once you invest in a laptop, Try to ask warranty. I personally prefer to purchase laptops that have at least 1 year of warranty.

Best Laptop To Purchase – Laptop (Reviews)

Below are some of the best laptop reviews that are found on amazon.

1. Razer Blade 15 Base Model Laptop Review

This laptop is from “Razer” brand which is one of the trustable. It is blade 15 series with black color. You will get 16GB ram memory size installed. Cup model is Corei7-10750H.

Image source: Amazon

Details of Razer Blade 15 Base Model Laptop

Laptop Brand isRazer
Size of screen15.6 Inches
Series of the laptopBlade 15
Model of CPUCorei7-10750H
RAM (Installed)16 GB
Customer rating on amazon1,438 ratings

2. New Lenovo Ideapad 3 Laptop, 15.6″ Inch HD Quality

This is a Lenovo laptop of 15.6 Inches in almond color. Users will get a 256GB hard disc with 20GB RAM memory. The name of the series is IdeaPad 3 81X800ENUS.

Image Source: Amazon

Details of Lenovo Ideapad 3 Laptop, 15.6″

Brand name of LaptopLenovo
The screen size of the Lenovo15.6 Inches
Harddisk and Ram20GB RAM and 256 GB Harddisk space
Laptop seriesIdeaPad 3 81X800ENUS
Laptop colorAlmond
Amazon Customer Ratings1,560 ratings

3. Acer AN515-57-79TD Gaming Laptop (Nitro 5)

Acer AN515-57-79TD Gaming Laptop (Nitro 5) is one of the best laptops for gaming. It is fast and super easy to operate. You can choose different styles like Notebook only, Accessory Bundle, Headset Bundle, Keyboard Bundle, Mouse Bundle, and Memory Bundle.

This is an Acer brand laptop with 15.6 inches screen in black color. The series of this laptop is “AN515-57-79TD”. You will get 512 GB of hard disk with 8 GB RAM memory.

Image Source:

Overview of Acer AN515-57-79TD Gaming Laptop (Nitro 5) Laptop

Laptop BrandAcer
Series of laptopAN515-57-79TD
Harddisk and RAM512 and 8GB RAM
Display screen size15.6 Inches
Best ForGaming
Amazon Ratings5,085 ratings

4. Satellite Pro L50-G Business Laptop – Toshiba Dynabook (15.6″) Inches

Satellite Pro L50-G Business Laptop – Toshiba Dynabook (15.6″) Inches is one of the best laptops available to purchase on amazon.
It is satellite pro series with 15.6 inches screen in black color. You will get a 1TB hard disk size with 16 GB RAM memory. CUP is (Intel core i7) which gives smooth performance while working.

Image Source:

Overview of Satellite Pro L50-G Business Laptop – Toshiba Dynabook (15.6″) Inches

Laptop BrandToshiba
Screen size15.6″ Inches
Laptop colorBlack
RAM & Harddisk16GB RAM and 1 TB Harddisk
O/SWindows 10 Pro (Operating system)
Graphics DetailsNVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB GDDR5
Other FeaturesBluetooth, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen, Wide-Angle 90° Camera, WiFi, Webcam and more
Amazon Ratings82 ratings
RAM Options16,32,64

5. Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch)

Apple MacBook has a screen size of 16.2 Inches with beautiful Space Gray color. Mac book have 512 GB harddisk and 32 GB RAM. This is a very fast and smooth laptop for students and professionals.

Image: Amazon

Overview of Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch)

Size of Screen16.2″ Inches
Series NameMacBook Pro
FeaturesARM 7100, 32 GB RAM, Graphics (M1 Pro) and 512GB Harddisk
ColorsSpace Gray
More Features10-core CPU, 16-core Neural Engine, Faster for games
Amazon Ratings4.9 out of 5 stars and 26 ratings
Operating SystemMac OS
Weights‎7.28 pounds

6. HP Flagship 14 Chromebook-Laptop Computer (14″inch)

HP Flagship 14 Chromebook-Laptop Computer (14″inch) is one of the cheapest options in laptops you can purchase for under $200. It is HP Chromebook 14a-na0031wm series with 64BG harddisk and 4GB RAM. The CPU model is Celeron N and the screen size of this laptop is 14″ inches.

Image Source: Amazon

HP Flagship 14 Chromebook-Laptop Computer (14″inch) Overview

Brand Name of LaptopHD
RAM & Harddisk64 GB harddisk and 4GB RAM
CPU (MODEL)Celeron N
OSChrome Operating system
Display Screen14.0-inch (HD)
Amazon Customer Ratings2,295 ratings

7. Google Pixelbook GA00122-US)

Google Pixelbook GA00122-US) is amazing pixelbook with 128 GB harddisk and 8GB RAM. The screen of this “PixelBook” is 12.3 Inches and White body.

Image Source:

Overview of Google Pixelbook GA00122-US)

Brand Name isGoogle
Series Name of ProductGoogle PixelBook
Harddisk128 GB
Total RAM8 GB
Size of Screen12.3 Inches
Total Customer ratings on Amazon523 ratings

Dedicated Web Designer

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I am a dedicated website designer experienced in WIX, Shopify, and WordPress. I started as a freelancer and have a small team working together on clients’ projects.

Latest Clients Review

5 Star Reviews

Suman is so great to work with. Very quick and easy to communicate and has helped me with so many tasks. Highly recommend! 🙂

Tanja Lakic

Dedicated Web Designer for Hire

Here is the list of services I can do on the website

  • Website Design from Scratch using Wix, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Website redesign with different themes.
  • Mobile optimization for the website.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization (On page and Technical).
  • E-commerce website creation.
  • Managing inventory of products and shipping management.
  • Installation of google search console, Google analytics, and different plugins and applications to the client website.
  • Designing website logo, Favicon, and home page slider and banners.
  • Blog setup and article writing services.
  • Website speed optimization and responsiveness testing.
  • Website auditing and consulting.
  • Zoom training to guide about maintaining and updating the website to clients.
  • Recommending best tools for the website.
  • Website migration from one platform to another or one to another hosting.
  • Domain connection and mailbox setup.
  • Navigation creation for user-friendliness.
  • Website backup and cleaning of the database.
  • Adding more features like back to top button, search box, and more.
  • Maintaining and managing a website for the long term.
  • Add parallax effects and animations to the website.
  • Competitor analysis and keyword research.
  • Grow website sales and traffics.
  • Help to generate more leads.
  • Set up google ads campaigns (Paid marketing).
  • Set up Facebook ads campaigns (Paid marketing).

Australia Web Designer

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If you are looking for a web designer from Australia, Here is a quick guide. There are many options for finding a web designer in Sydney, Melbourne, and different locations. Either you can search for companies in Google Maps and request quotes from them, Or you also have the option of hiring designers from freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Here, We will discuss different methods of finding web designers in Australia.

Find a Web Designer in Australia

1. Fiverr

If you are looking to hire a freelance web designer from Australia or from any location, Fiverr is a good option. You can see hundreds of freelancers selling gigs related to website design services and many services such as marketing, video creation, SEO, article writing, and more.

Before you choose any freelancers, You can message them about your requirements and once you are satisfied with their offers, You can hire them.

Fiverr is a secure platform for payments and works because Fiverr holds your payment and will only release it to freelancers once you mark it as a project completed. Also, clients can able to see freelancers’ past work, experience, and ratings with gives more comfortable.

2. Google Map

Google map is my personal favorite to see different businesses from different categories. There are many website companies from Australia that have listed their company profile on google Maps, Where they have shared their email, website, and phone number.

This can be an easy way for finding a good web development firm in your near location.

3. Quora

If you have any questions in your mind, you can post them on quora. Similarly, if you post help for websites, In quora you will get answers and connections with web designers and agencies that help to develop your website.

Before posting any questions, You need to create an account that is completely free.

4. Facebook Groups

There is no doubt, Facebook is one of the largest communities. There are many pages and groups where people discuss different topics like websites, marketing, and many more.

You can search for different companies that provide website services from Australia and message them for your requirements. Or join the Facebook web designers group to find your personalized web designer.

5. Wix Marketplace

Wix is popular website builder software, If you need Wix experts and partners from Australia, You can search for directors of Wix website designers and contact them.

6. Friends and Family

Asking and discussing your website projects with friends and family is also a great way of finding a handy web designer. They may have already a website created by someone, You can ask for the web designer’s contact details and work with them.

This is the most confident and trustable way of finding local web designers.

Website Redesign Services

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Website redesign is the process of changing the website layout and looks or changing different themes. If you have an existing website and are not happy with the design, We will make it more professional. No matter if your site is in WIX, WordPress, or in Shopify.

Wix, Shopify, and WordPress Redesign Services

We work in these major platforms (WordPress, Wix, and Shopify). Here are the examples of redesigning services:

1. Installing Themes

Website theme is most important because all the layout and looks of a website depend on the themes that you are using. There are many popular themes of WordPress such as Divi theme, generate press and more. I have experience with these themes. I help clients to change any WordPress themes and redesign the looks of websites completely. Whether it is a personal, e-commerce, or business site.

2. Installing Plugins

Plugins always add extra features to the website and extend its flexibility of the site. It is a very simple application that can be installed with a few clicks. We help to install different plugins such as security, SEO, Comment spam detector, backup, and more depending on clients’ needs.

3. Header and Footer

The header and footer play a vital role in the website Because they are visible on all pages. The header is the main page navigation whereas the footer gives quick directions to the legal page and policies.

If you want to make the menu mega and drop-down, We help to change header elements and the layout of a site.

4. Blog Layout

If your website contains blog or news sections, I help to change its layout very professionally by creating multiple categories, tags, breadcrumbs, and SEO friend posts.

No matter if your blog is in Shopify, Wix, or WordPress. I have experience managing blogs on these 3 platforms.

5. Product Page Redesign

The website that sells online products through the website is e-commerce and product cart features are included on those websites. If you want to design a product page, collections, cart, and checkout page, I help to make it easier and user-friendly.

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