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Website is most important for every business to grow sales and audience online. It is the identity of every business and one of the trending technology on the internet.

Millions of businesses have their website online and many are still creating their business website. The website can be business, personal, blog, informational, applications, and more.

As a web designer, I am happy to share some of the important features of a website. This will help to make the site more powerful and user-friendly.

Features of Website and Recommendations

Below are some of the features of the website.:

1. Domain Name

The domain is the main name of your website. On my site. “” is my domain name where people find out about me, check my service, and contact me. The domain name should be easy to remember and understand.

A short domain name is always best for your website because people can easily remember it. Never book trademark words and names with domain names such as “Youtube, “Facebook”, or “amazon”.

You can easily purchase domain names with .com, .net, and .org extensions at a good price from Namecheap.

2. Better Hosting

No matter which technology you use for building your website, Hosting is most important. Never choose cheap hosting. The cheapest hosting has low security of data and server errors. Always try to use trustable hosting such as mocha host for your WordPress website.

3. Eye-catching graphics for the website.

The visual representation and graphic gives more information and attracts more visitors to the website. Never use any images randomly that you find on google which causes copyright issues. Always try to purchase images or use that are copyright free.

Images are helpful on websites for sliders and describe information or in the blog post.

You can check thousands of pictures from Deposit Photo.

4. Create Branded Logo

Logo plays a vital role in branding, business, and your website. The logo should be unique and meaningful. You can hire freelancers for logo creations from Fiverr or can design using logo maker tools like smashing logos etc.

5. Create Website Forms

When you build the website, different forms may be included on the site such as contact form, lead collection form, or registration forms. For helps to collect user data and helps to receive messages. You can try different forms like WP forms and contact forms to create forms on the website. The form is one of the important features that should have on the website.

6. SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)

When you create your website, visibility is most important. SEO is the process of optimizing websites and pages in different search engines like google, bing, etc. There are many sources of generating traffic to websites like paid marketing in Google, Facebook, and other major social media like Instagram and youtube.

But SEO traffic is one of the best because you can able to generate organic traffic without spending hundreds of dollars on marketing.

There are different kinds of SEO On the page, Technical, and Off-page. These all are important and you should always focus on unique content, keyword research, and proper planning to get organic traffic from search engines.

There are still some more traffic sources like solo ads, where you can contact influencers for getting paid traffic to your website at a low cost.

7. Mobile Optimization / All Browser Friendly

Internet users are from mobile, tablet, and from different browsers including firefox, safari, and chrome. It is very important to have your website mobile-friendly. A website that is friendly for mobile devices helps to generate more sales and leads from all devices.

Most WordPress themes are responsive. But even need to optimize for a better user experience. I highly recommend your website to be mobile and all devices friendly and responsive.

Dedicated Web Designer

Home » Web Design and Development

I am a dedicated website designer experienced in WIX, Shopify, and WordPress. I started as a freelancer and have a small team working together on clients’ projects.

Latest Clients Review

5 Star Reviews

Suman is so great to work with. Very quick and easy to communicate and has helped me with so many tasks. Highly recommend! 🙂

Tanja Lakic

Dedicated Web Designer for Hire

Here is the list of services I can do on the website

  • Website Design from Scratch using Wix, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Website redesign with different themes.
  • Mobile optimization for the website.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization (On page and Technical).
  • E-commerce website creation.
  • Managing inventory of products and shipping management.
  • Installation of google search console, Google analytics, and different plugins and applications to the client website.
  • Designing website logo, Favicon, and home page slider and banners.
  • Blog setup and article writing services.
  • Website speed optimization and responsiveness testing.
  • Website auditing and consulting.
  • Zoom training to guide about maintaining and updating the website to clients.
  • Recommending best tools for the website.
  • Website migration from one platform to another or one to another hosting.
  • Domain connection and mailbox setup.
  • Navigation creation for user-friendliness.
  • Website backup and cleaning of the database.
  • Adding more features like back to top button, search box, and more.
  • Maintaining and managing a website for the long term.
  • Add parallax effects and animations to the website.
  • Competitor analysis and keyword research.
  • Grow website sales and traffics.
  • Help to generate more leads.
  • Set up google ads campaigns (Paid marketing).
  • Set up Facebook ads campaigns (Paid marketing).

Australia Web Designer

Home » Web Design and Development

If you are looking for a web designer from Australia, Here is a quick guide. There are many options for finding a web designer in Sydney, Melbourne, and different locations. Either you can search for companies in Google Maps and request quotes from them, Or you also have the option of hiring designers from freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Here, We will discuss different methods of finding web designers in Australia.

Find a Web Designer in Australia

1. Fiverr

If you are looking to hire a freelance web designer from Australia or from any location, Fiverr is a good option. You can see hundreds of freelancers selling gigs related to website design services and many services such as marketing, video creation, SEO, article writing, and more.

Before you choose any freelancers, You can message them about your requirements and once you are satisfied with their offers, You can hire them.

Fiverr is a secure platform for payments and works because Fiverr holds your payment and will only release it to freelancers once you mark it as a project completed. Also, clients can able to see freelancers’ past work, experience, and ratings with gives more comfortable.

2. Google Map

Google map is my personal favorite to see different businesses from different categories. There are many website companies from Australia that have listed their company profile on google Maps, Where they have shared their email, website, and phone number.

This can be an easy way for finding a good web development firm in your near location.

3. Quora

If you have any questions in your mind, you can post them on quora. Similarly, if you post help for websites, In quora you will get answers and connections with web designers and agencies that help to develop your website.

Before posting any questions, You need to create an account that is completely free.

4. Facebook Groups

There is no doubt, Facebook is one of the largest communities. There are many pages and groups where people discuss different topics like websites, marketing, and many more.

You can search for different companies that provide website services from Australia and message them for your requirements. Or join the Facebook web designers group to find your personalized web designer.

5. Wix Marketplace

Wix is popular website builder software, If you need Wix experts and partners from Australia, You can search for directors of Wix website designers and contact them.

6. Friends and Family

Asking and discussing your website projects with friends and family is also a great way of finding a handy web designer. They may have already a website created by someone, You can ask for the web designer’s contact details and work with them.

This is the most confident and trustable way of finding local web designers.

Website Redesign Services

Home » Web Design and Development

Website redesign is the process of changing the website layout and looks or changing different themes. If you have an existing website and are not happy with the design, We will make it more professional. No matter if your site is in WIX, WordPress, or in Shopify.

Wix, Shopify, and WordPress Redesign Services

We work in these major platforms (WordPress, Wix, and Shopify). Here are the examples of redesigning services:

1. Installing Themes

Website theme is most important because all the layout and looks of a website depend on the themes that you are using. There are many popular themes of WordPress such as Divi theme, generate press and more. I have experience with these themes. I help clients to change any WordPress themes and redesign the looks of websites completely. Whether it is a personal, e-commerce, or business site.

2. Installing Plugins

Plugins always add extra features to the website and extend its flexibility of the site. It is a very simple application that can be installed with a few clicks. We help to install different plugins such as security, SEO, Comment spam detector, backup, and more depending on clients’ needs.

3. Header and Footer

The header and footer play a vital role in the website Because they are visible on all pages. The header is the main page navigation whereas the footer gives quick directions to the legal page and policies.

If you want to make the menu mega and drop-down, We help to change header elements and the layout of a site.

4. Blog Layout

If your website contains blog or news sections, I help to change its layout very professionally by creating multiple categories, tags, breadcrumbs, and SEO friend posts.

No matter if your blog is in Shopify, Wix, or WordPress. I have experience managing blogs on these 3 platforms.

5. Product Page Redesign

The website that sells online products through the website is e-commerce and product cart features are included on those websites. If you want to design a product page, collections, cart, and checkout page, I help to make it easier and user-friendly.

Wix to WordPress Migration Services

Home » Web Design and Development

If you have an existing Wix website and thinking to migrate to WordPress, We will help you. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software for bloggers and e-commerce. Whereas Wix is also secure and easy website builder software.

Both Wix and WordPress have their features. If you want to change your website platform from Wix to WordPress then We help to do a manual migration.

There are many good hosting WordPress such as a mocha host that enable users for hosting their websites securely.

Transfer or Migrate Wix to WordPress

Below are the quick and easy steps we follow for migrating the Wix website into WordPress.

1. Give Access to Wix Site

For accessing your website data such as image files, video, and content, you need to give me access by making a website manager to the Wix website. We will manually download the website file to our local disk for the migration.

2. Give Access to WordPress Site

Similar to Wix, You also need to give access to a WordPress site, For designing and uploading data from Wix to WordPress manually. Before you give access, Make sure we both have a proper discussion and the contract is signed.

3. Start the Transfer Process

Once we got access, We will start the migration process. Everything will be manual, And we do not use any automatic software.

Once we complete the migration we will test your site on mobile and tablet devices and send you for revision. You can request any changes to the site.

4. Make WP Website Live

Once the WordPress website is finalized, We will make it live and publish it.

Tips for Wix to WordPress Migration

Here are some of the important notes before you migrate Wix to the WordPress website.

1. Backup Wix Website

Make sure to duplicate your Wix website, Which means backing the site data before migration. If you mistakenly delete the files from a website, It will be easier to recover quickly.

2. Choose Proper WordPress Hosting

Do not choose free or cheap hosting for a WordPress site. Always use reputed WordPress hosting such as Mocha host, Which I am personally using for my and clients’ websites.

3. Do not Share Passwords and Credentials

Do not share your confidential information such as website login email and password with us or someone else. You have always options to make someone an admin of your site and give access.

4. Hire Us or Freelancers

If you are unable to migrate Wix to WordPress Or need help from us, You can contact us by filling out the form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the project.

If you are seeking a freelancer or local web designer, You can check freelancing websites such as Fiverr. And choose Experts to complete the projects.

WordPress to Wix Migration Services

Home » Web Design and Development

WordPress is the world’s popular CMS software that helps to create professional websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. Whereas WIX is a cloud-based website maker that enables clients to create a stunning website within a few minutes.

Both are powerful website-building platforms and the world’s most popular. The major difference between Wix and WordPress is WordPress websites can be hosted in any hosting such as blue host, Namecheap, mocha host, and others. Whereas the Wix website is hosted within their server.

If you have an existing website in WordPress and planning to migrate to Wix, We help you. You can request a quote so we can contact you ASAP.

WordPress to Wix Migration Service

Here is the process of WordPress to Wix migration.

1. Fill up the Contact Form

Fill up the contact form from our home page, So We will contact you for the website requirement and review your WordPress website first.

2. Copy WordPress Data

We will then copy the WordPress- wp data of your site and save it manually to our computer. We will align images text and all media in proper formatting.

3. Create Wix Account

Now, you need to create a free Wix account and make us admin of your site, So we will access the website to import your WordPress content to the Wix site.

4. Transfer Process Start

It will take 5 to 7 days to migrate your website to Wix and it depends on how long is the content. We will manually start the migration process. Once the site is migrated to Wix, You can shut down the WordPress site.

Overall it is not auto migration and we will not use any software to migrate your website. We do is manual work.

Important Note Before Website Migration

Below are the important note and tips before you start website migrations are:

1. Backup The Site

I highly recommend backup your WordPress website before migration. Because we will exactly copy the content from your published website. We will not recommend making the website down before the migration.

And we will not require WordPress login or access for the migration.

2. Original Media Files

Sometimes while copying images and infographics or logos from existing websites, It may not be proper resolutions, So make sure to keep your original image files safely and it may be needed.

3. Hosting on Wix

You need to upgrade the Wix website in order to connect the domain name. When a website is migrated, There is the option of connecting the domain to Wix nameservers or you will also have an option for domain migration. We can handle all for you.

4. Email and Other Account

Website migration is not email migration, So keep your email safe and secure where you have purchased email services from.

Websites Feature Checklist

Home » Web Design and Development

There are millions of websites on the website and many software and website builder. It was very difficult to design a website before, But these days it is very easy with different website builder tools and software. There are many popular website tools such as WIX, That allows user to create a website in a minute without having any technical skills or knowledge.

But the most important is the performance and features of the website. When we talk about the features it can be a mobile-friendly, social friend, and much more. Here are several features of the website that may be useful for you.

As a web designer, I have recommended and implemented many features to my and my client’s website. Here I will list down several checklists that may be useful for you.

Website Features Checklist

Below are the 52 website checklist features that may help you to get more ideas:

1. Domain Name selection (Short and memorable).

2. Website search bar to find content by searching within the website.

3. Professional and branded logo for the website.

4. Blog content to the website for SEO.

5. CTA’s (Call to action) buttons like email and call icons.

6. Website footer navigations (eg: quick links and policies pages).

7. Images for the website and infographics.

8. Clients’ feedback and testimonials to the site.

9. Internal and external backlinks to the website.

10. Live customer chat features for engaging in real-time.

11. Contact form to the website for getting quick leads.

12. Subscriber form for getting more subscribers.

13. Tab options on the page to display information and reduce scrolling time.

14. Add social icons such as Facebook, Twitter, and youtube for making a socially friendly website.

15. Embedding google maps to the website.

16. Business hours displayed on the website.

17. Add biography / BIO to the website.

18. Set up and add a Blog section & layout to the site.

19. Increasing website speed.

20. Install SLL to the site.

21. Use cloud hosting and secure hosting.

22. Website in mobile and tablet optimization.

23. Browser responsiveness website.

24. Blog search functionality.

25. Add blog categories to the website.

26. Blog comments enable to get more engagement on the site.

27. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) enabled on the site.

28. Secure payment gateway for accepting online payments from the website.

39. Connect google analytics.

40. Connect the google search console to the website.

41. Breadcrumb Navigation on the website.

42. Website slider to display multiple images.

43. Website gallery to display portfolio.

44. Cookie popup notifications.

45. Unsubscribe form to the website.

46. Adding website captcha.

47. Website backup and database cleaning.

48. Install website security plugins.

49. Sitemap creation and easy website URL structures.

50. Table of contents on the website.

51. Favicon or browser icon on the website.

52. Website SEO (Search engine optimization).

If you want to implement any above features to your website, Feel free to contact us or,

Find Web Designer Jobs with great Salaries and benefits

Home » Web Design and Development

If you are a web designer/developer and seeking job opportunities from companies, I am sharing some best resources that may help you.

First, you need to have a great website portfolio, testimonials, or recommendations that show your past record of website work. The Internet is a high resource for finding jobs for web designers.

Find Web Designer Jobs

Here are a few best resources for finding web designer jobs.

1. Fiverr

If you are hearing of Fiverr for the first time, It is a freelancing marketplace where client order gigs/services from freelancers. Here you need to list your web designing services and write descriptions, design service cover (Image), and describe how you help clients. As well as freelancer can list their pricing and deadline.

In Fiverr, Freelancers will get the opportunity of getting hired by companies or individuals. If you are a beginner and finding web development work, This may be best for you.

This is free to get started on Fiverr.

2. Flex Jobs

Flexjobs is a website where different companies are seeking web designers, graphic designers, data entry experts, and digital marketers. Here you can register your account and apply for web designer jobs.

Once you apply for the job in flex jobs, There is a higher chance of getting contact from companies for the job opportunity. Register your account and complete your profile up to date and start finding web designer jobs for getting hired by companies.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is another popular company that posts career opportunities for web designers. You can visit their site and check job postings from time to time. And can apply here.

More Sources to Find Web Designer Jobs

Here are more sources for finding web designer jobs.

Indeed.comGo to Indeed Website
Upwork.comGo to Upwork Website
FreelancerCheck Freelancer Website
People Per HourPeople Per Hour Website Link
Parachute Design GroupGo to Parachute Design Group
TwilioCheck Twilio
Evolving WebVisit Evolving Web
GuruCreate an account on Guru
ToptalVisit Toptal site
Design CrowdStart on Design Crowd

Fashion Website Projects – Fashion Web Development

Home » Web Design and Development

Are you planning to get help from someone to design your fashion website projects? I am here to help you. Fashion industries include clothing, jewelry, and more where shop owner can sell their products online or display information about their business via a website.

It is very important to build an online presence for fashion businesses via the internet for getting more visits and grow sales.

I am a freelance website designer here to help fashion websites for clients. The website can be e-commerce, Informational, or personal.

Hire Fashion Web Developer and Designer

Here are a few tasks I can help with fashion websites:

1. Clean Website:

The clean and professional look of the website is one of the first attractions to customers. If you have a bad color combination on the website, and even if you upload great products, They may not be eye-catching to your customers. Here I will help to make a very clean and elegant-looking website so there is a higher chance of getting more impressions from the website visitors.

2. Website Performance Speed

Nobody loves slow websites, Even google does not. Speed is a very important factor for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get a better ranking out of your competitors. I can optimize website images, CSS, and technical things to improve great speed both on mobile and desktop.

3. Responsiveness & Mobile Friendly

Fashion websites and any other website should be responsive in all browsers and every device because customers are increasing I’m mobile and handy devices day by day.

The website should have a call to action button to get more leads and engagement and be user-friendly as well. By hiring me, You will get a responsive website.

4. SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)

Search engine optimization is very important to grow more visitors and sales to the website. There are different techniques for optimizing websites in search engines like google and bing.

I have a better understanding of On page, Off page, and technical SEO and can able to optimize headings, do keyword research, and do competitor analysis to improve fashion websites ranking in search engines.

5. Website Maintainance and Security

As the internet is growing, there are a lot of hackers and attacks occurring day by day on every kind of website, Where security is most important. I will install different security plugins, and enable firewall protections and 2-factor authentication on your fashion website.

Besides these, the Website needs proper backup instead if you want to recover on crashed, It is needed. I will implement backup and database-clearing services to your website too.

Also, website maintenance is needed from time to time and websites maintenance includes the following:

  • Cleaning website backup and database.
  • Updating website content and articles from time to time.
  • Testing websites in different browsers and devices.
  • Uploading and updating products to e-commerce websites and more.

For getting started working with me, You can contact me from below quote button. I will be available ASAP to discuss more your website projects.

Hire Shopify Experts, Developers, Designers, and Freelancers

Home » Web Design and Development

There are many online tools and software in the market. Every tool has its own benefits and features. But when it comes to e-commerce, Shopify is the most popular and powerful software for the creation of e-commerce websites.

It has every feature that an e-commerce business needs and results in an online store as powerful and secure.

Some of the Features of Shopify are:

Here are some of the features of Shopify I personally love.

  • A powerful software that has a user-friendly interface and easy dashboard.
  • Secure payment gateway integration and easy shipping rules.
  • Powerful automation and email campaigns and Shopify themes are responsive.
  • Easily monitor and track sales, stock, and inventory.
  • Powerful application marketplace for extending features of your online store.

In hiring a web you can request a free quote if you want help designing, maintaining, and managing your Shopify website. We have a lot of experience working in the Shopify platform and can able to manage inventory, run advertisements and customize your store.

Hire a Shopify Expert

Hire Shopify Experts, Developers, Designers, and Freelancers

We can help with the following tasks in Shopify:

  • Creation of a new Shopify website.
  • Change or install the new themes of Shopify.
  • Install applications from the application market.
  • Add features to the online store upon client requirement and request.
  • Back up the Shopify website properly.
  • Managing order and inventory.
  • Run advertisements on Google, Facebook, and other channels.
  • Managing and maintaining e-Commerce websites for the long term.

How to work with Shopify Designer

Below are the steps, How we work on your Shopify site.

  1. Request a quote from our website if you need help with your Shopify website. No matter if it is a new store or an existing one. We can work for both.
  2. Wait for our reply, We will get in touch ASAP, and let’s discuss the requirement.
  3. Once we agree on the budget and time frame for the Shopify project, We will create and send the contract.
  4. Read and accept the contract and deposit 50% upfront payment.
  5. We will start working.
  6. Once the work is completed, We will send for the revision.
  7. Once the client finalizes Shopify store work pay the remaining 50%.
  8. If you need long-term support for your Shopify we can discuss more again.
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