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WordPress is the world’s popular CMS software that helps to create professional websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. Whereas WIX is a cloud-based website maker that enables clients to create a stunning website within a few minutes.

Both are powerful website-building platforms and the world’s most popular. The major difference between Wix and WordPress is WordPress websites can be hosted in any hosting such as blue host, Namecheap, mocha host, and others. Whereas the Wix website is hosted within their server.

If you have an existing website in WordPress and planning to migrate to Wix, We help you. You can request a quote so we can contact you ASAP.

WordPress to Wix Migration Service

Here is the process of WordPress to Wix migration.

1. Fill up the Contact Form

Fill up the contact form from our home page, So We will contact you for the website requirement and review your WordPress website first.

2. Copy WordPress Data

We will then copy the WordPress- wp data of your site and save it manually to our computer. We will align images text and all media in proper formatting.

3. Create Wix Account

Now, you need to create a free Wix account and make us admin of your site, So we will access the website to import your WordPress content to the Wix site.

4. Transfer Process Start

It will take 5 to 7 days to migrate your website to Wix and it depends on how long is the content. We will manually start the migration process. Once the site is migrated to Wix, You can shut down the WordPress site.

Overall it is not auto migration and we will not use any software to migrate your website. We do is manual work.

Important Note Before Website Migration

Below are the important note and tips before you start website migrations are:

1. Backup The Site

I highly recommend backup your WordPress website before migration. Because we will exactly copy the content from your published website. We will not recommend making the website down before the migration.

And we will not require WordPress login or access for the migration.

2. Original Media Files

Sometimes while copying images and infographics or logos from existing websites, It may not be proper resolutions, So make sure to keep your original image files safely and it may be needed.

3. Hosting on Wix

You need to upgrade the Wix website in order to connect the domain name. When a website is migrated, There is the option of connecting the domain to Wix nameservers or you will also have an option for domain migration. We can handle all for you.

4. Email and Other Account

Website migration is not email migration, So keep your email safe and secure where you have purchased email services from.

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