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Website is most important for every business to grow sales and audience online. It is the identity of every business and one of the trending technology on the internet.

Millions of businesses have their website online and many are still creating their business website. The website can be business, personal, blog, informational, applications, and more.

As a web designer, I am happy to share some of the important features of a website. This will help to make the site more powerful and user-friendly.

Features of Website and Recommendations

Below are some of the features of the website.:

1. Domain Name

The domain is the main name of your website. On my site. “” is my domain name where people find out about me, check my service, and contact me. The domain name should be easy to remember and understand.

A short domain name is always best for your website because people can easily remember it. Never book trademark words and names with domain names such as “Youtube, “Facebook”, or “amazon”.

You can easily purchase domain names with .com, .net, and .org extensions at a good price from Namecheap.

2. Better Hosting

No matter which technology you use for building your website, Hosting is most important. Never choose cheap hosting. The cheapest hosting has low security of data and server errors. Always try to use trustable hosting such as mocha host for your WordPress website.

3. Eye-catching graphics for the website.

The visual representation and graphic gives more information and attracts more visitors to the website. Never use any images randomly that you find on google which causes copyright issues. Always try to purchase images or use that are copyright free.

Images are helpful on websites for sliders and describe information or in the blog post.

You can check thousands of pictures from Deposit Photo.

4. Create Branded Logo

Logo plays a vital role in branding, business, and your website. The logo should be unique and meaningful. You can hire freelancers for logo creations from Fiverr or can design using logo maker tools like smashing logos etc.

5. Create Website Forms

When you build the website, different forms may be included on the site such as contact form, lead collection form, or registration forms. For helps to collect user data and helps to receive messages. You can try different forms like WP forms and contact forms to create forms on the website. The form is one of the important features that should have on the website.

6. SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)

When you create your website, visibility is most important. SEO is the process of optimizing websites and pages in different search engines like google, bing, etc. There are many sources of generating traffic to websites like paid marketing in Google, Facebook, and other major social media like Instagram and youtube.

But SEO traffic is one of the best because you can able to generate organic traffic without spending hundreds of dollars on marketing.

There are different kinds of SEO On the page, Technical, and Off-page. These all are important and you should always focus on unique content, keyword research, and proper planning to get organic traffic from search engines.

There are still some more traffic sources like solo ads, where you can contact influencers for getting paid traffic to your website at a low cost.

7. Mobile Optimization / All Browser Friendly

Internet users are from mobile, tablet, and from different browsers including firefox, safari, and chrome. It is very important to have your website mobile-friendly. A website that is friendly for mobile devices helps to generate more sales and leads from all devices.

Most WordPress themes are responsive. But even need to optimize for a better user experience. I highly recommend your website to be mobile and all devices friendly and responsive.

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