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Online forms are useful for freelancers, bloggers, online businesses, and any kind of business.

The documents that are developed to gather information about certain topics in a significant manner are known as forms.

And form builders are those tools that can build beautiful and customization forms for certain businesses. With the utilization of form builder applications, One can easily produce workflows and graphical transactions by developing efficient forms. Embedding forms on websites helps to collect information and data online from the website easily.

The forms created in form builder tools can be easily modified, arranged, embedded, and transferred whenever required for the program.

Some Features Form Builder

There are many form builders in the market, Form builders should be very easy, safe, and responsive in order to get more attraction.

Here are some of the features of form builder: 

Integrations, Workflows, Branching & Logic, Custom Reports, Data Export, 256-Bit SSL Encryption, Smart CAPTCHA, Data Fortress

At present, a lot of form-building apps are invented and some of them are mentioned below:

Some of The Online Form Builders

Online form builders are the tools and software that helps to build lead forms such as contact form, Registration form, Payment form, and more.

Here is the list of 5 form builder tools and software:

1. Wufoo

One of the best and most popular form-building tools is Wufoo. It is popular among designers who create and want to save time.

Source: Wufoo Online Form Builder

It delivers several templates and designs that can be selected on the basis of business requirements.

Templates in this tool are categorized into different categories that make them easy to find. You can enter the keywords and search for the templates you want to use.

The presence of drag-and-drop tools in this app makes it simple and easy to edit and design the forms.

Wufoo is also united with certain tools like Squarespace, Stripe, etc that let you synchronize your forms.

It is very easy to design, and modify any form elements because it has a drag-and-drop builder.

Generally, Wufoo is the best form builder for those builders who aspire to develop and design beautiful forms at a low cost.

Some of the powerful features of Wufoo form builders are:

  • This has a powerful form builder that helps to edit any elements with drag-and-drop features.
  • They have theme designer (you can choose pre-built) templates.
  • Users can do custom branding.
  • It allows payment integrations with a popular payment gateway from which users can accept online payments.
  • It helps to get real-time notifications.
  • Users can able to file upload fields in the form.

2. Moosend

Source: Moosend

Another best form-building tool that is known for generating subscription forms is Moosend. This is more than form builder (Marketing and automation software.

With Moosend you can do the following:

  • Send multiple bulk emails.
  • Manage Audiences.
  • Helps to grow your email marketing.
  • Automate your marketing system.
  • Track the analytics and more.

It is convenient to connect with Moosend via custom code or plugins. Building, designing, and issuing the forms are easy and less time-consuming with this app.

Numerous templates are delivered by Moosend that can be useful while developing forms like subscription forms.

Also, there is a template library with well-prepared designs that are appropriate to fulfill the requirements of the businesses.

Moreover, every element of the forms like font, pictures, colors, etc can be edited easily with the assistance of drag and drop builder.

Moosend is amalgamated with different other related tools like intercom, Zaiper, and so on.

3. Optimonk

Optimonk serves those websites that aim to gather emails and maximize their sales.

Source: Optimonk

It is the best form-building app with the drag and drop interface to facilitate the trouble-free development of forms.

This tool delivers an easy-to-understand dashboard that demonstrates the activities and performance of the forms.

You do not require to know the coding skills to build the forms you want as you can easily edit the components, and select and use the templates that are best for your subscription forms.

Powerful Features of OptiMonk:

  • Exit-Intent on Desktop.
  • Timed-Display Control.
  • Scroll-Based Triggering.
  • OnClick Triggering.
  • Monitoring Inactivity.
  • Mobile Triggers (which include Exit Intent).

Optimonk lets you unify with certain other tools that can assist you to understand the behavior of customers so that you can develop the forms according to such information.

4. Socital

Socital is the next form of building tool that is newly developed in the market. This tool is trendy and convenient and has a user-friendly interface.

Also one should not learn any technical and coding knowledge to join and build a form in Social.

You are able to design the form in a way you like and can edit the components like styles and fonts of the form.

Some of the key features of Socital are:

  • It allows the creation of Targeted Exit popups.
  • Users will get Ready-made Seasonal Promos.
  • Businesses can Increase Email or Subscriber List.
  • Setup Cart Abandonment Campaigns.
  • Set up or create Contests with random winners.

To match the need and purpose of the form it has numerous attractive templates.

5. Typeform

Last but not the least, we have Typeform which has gained popularity at the present date serving the best graphical display.

To build and design the forms in Typeform, any technical skills are not required because the guidance throughout the building process makes the task of creating forms effortless and uncomplicated.

This form builder can be an excellent tool for the youths who love to develop brilliant and extra forms in very less time because they have the unique feature such as:

  • Users can create a form, Surveys, and Quizzes.
  • Users can enable Conditional logic.
  • Ready-made templates for different business industries.
  • The form is shareable.
  • Integrate with google analytics, Mailchimp google sheet, and more.

Typeform aims to make its users more involved and connected in the form-building procedures for better outcomes because they contemplate the operation of form-building as an interesting game.

Also, there are numerous settings, pictures, and backgrounds to facilitate you to create forms in fabulous ways.

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