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Are you planning to get help from someone to design your fashion website projects? I am here to help you. Fashion industries include clothing, jewelry, and more where shop owner can sell their products online or display information about their business via a website.

It is very important to build an online presence for fashion businesses via the internet for getting more visits and grow sales.

I am a freelance website designer here to help fashion websites for clients. The website can be e-commerce, Informational, or personal.

Hire Fashion Web Developer and Designer

Here are a few tasks I can help with fashion websites:

1. Clean Website:

The clean and professional look of the website is one of the first attractions to customers. If you have a bad color combination on the website, and even if you upload great products, They may not be eye-catching to your customers. Here I will help to make a very clean and elegant-looking website so there is a higher chance of getting more impressions from the website visitors.

2. Website Performance Speed

Nobody loves slow websites, Even google does not. Speed is a very important factor for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get a better ranking out of your competitors. I can optimize website images, CSS, and technical things to improve great speed both on mobile and desktop.

3. Responsiveness & Mobile Friendly

Fashion websites and any other website should be responsive in all browsers and every device because customers are increasing I’m mobile and handy devices day by day.

The website should have a call to action button to get more leads and engagement and be user-friendly as well. By hiring me, You will get a responsive website.

4. SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)

Search engine optimization is very important to grow more visitors and sales to the website. There are different techniques for optimizing websites in search engines like google and bing.

I have a better understanding of On page, Off page, and technical SEO and can able to optimize headings, do keyword research, and do competitor analysis to improve fashion websites ranking in search engines.

5. Website Maintainance and Security

As the internet is growing, there are a lot of hackers and attacks occurring day by day on every kind of website, Where security is most important. I will install different security plugins, and enable firewall protections and 2-factor authentication on your fashion website.

Besides these, the Website needs proper backup instead if you want to recover on crashed, It is needed. I will implement backup and database-clearing services to your website too.

Also, website maintenance is needed from time to time and websites maintenance includes the following:

  • Cleaning website backup and database.
  • Updating website content and articles from time to time.
  • Testing websites in different browsers and devices.
  • Uploading and updating products to e-commerce websites and more.

For getting started working with me, You can contact me from below quote button. I will be available ASAP to discuss more your website projects.

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