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Website redesign is the process of changing the website layout and looks or changing different themes. If you have an existing website and are not happy with the design, We will make it more professional. No matter if your site is in WIX, WordPress, or in Shopify.

Wix, Shopify, and WordPress Redesign Services

We work in these major platforms (WordPress, Wix, and Shopify). Here are the examples of redesigning services:

1. Installing Themes

Website theme is most important because all the layout and looks of a website depend on the themes that you are using. There are many popular themes of WordPress such as Divi theme, generate press and more. I have experience with these themes. I help clients to change any WordPress themes and redesign the looks of websites completely. Whether it is a personal, e-commerce, or business site.

2. Installing Plugins

Plugins always add extra features to the website and extend its flexibility of the site. It is a very simple application that can be installed with a few clicks. We help to install different plugins such as security, SEO, Comment spam detector, backup, and more depending on clients’ needs.

3. Header and Footer

The header and footer play a vital role in the website Because they are visible on all pages. The header is the main page navigation whereas the footer gives quick directions to the legal page and policies.

If you want to make the menu mega and drop-down, We help to change header elements and the layout of a site.

4. Blog Layout

If your website contains blog or news sections, I help to change its layout very professionally by creating multiple categories, tags, breadcrumbs, and SEO friend posts.

No matter if your blog is in Shopify, Wix, or WordPress. I have experience managing blogs on these 3 platforms.

5. Product Page Redesign

The website that sells online products through the website is e-commerce and product cart features are included on those websites. If you want to design a product page, collections, cart, and checkout page, I help to make it easier and user-friendly.

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