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There are millions of websites on the website and many software and website builder. It was very difficult to design a website before, But these days it is very easy with different website builder tools and software. There are many popular website tools such as WIX, That allows user to create a website in a minute without having any technical skills or knowledge.

But the most important is the performance and features of the website. When we talk about the features it can be a mobile-friendly, social friend, and much more. Here are several features of the website that may be useful for you.

As a web designer, I have recommended and implemented many features to my and my client’s website. Here I will list down several checklists that may be useful for you.

Website Features Checklist

Below are the 52 website checklist features that may help you to get more ideas:

1. Domain Name selection (Short and memorable).

2. Website search bar to find content by searching within the website.

3. Professional and branded logo for the website.

4. Blog content to the website for SEO.

5. CTA’s (Call to action) buttons like email and call icons.

6. Website footer navigations (eg: quick links and policies pages).

7. Images for the website and infographics.

8. Clients’ feedback and testimonials to the site.

9. Internal and external backlinks to the website.

10. Live customer chat features for engaging in real-time.

11. Contact form to the website for getting quick leads.

12. Subscriber form for getting more subscribers.

13. Tab options on the page to display information and reduce scrolling time.

14. Add social icons such as Facebook, Twitter, and youtube for making a socially friendly website.

15. Embedding google maps to the website.

16. Business hours displayed on the website.

17. Add biography / BIO to the website.

18. Set up and add a Blog section & layout to the site.

19. Increasing website speed.

20. Install SLL to the site.

21. Use cloud hosting and secure hosting.

22. Website in mobile and tablet optimization.

23. Browser responsiveness website.

24. Blog search functionality.

25. Add blog categories to the website.

26. Blog comments enable to get more engagement on the site.

27. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) enabled on the site.

28. Secure payment gateway for accepting online payments from the website.

39. Connect google analytics.

40. Connect the google search console to the website.

41. Breadcrumb Navigation on the website.

42. Website slider to display multiple images.

43. Website gallery to display portfolio.

44. Cookie popup notifications.

45. Unsubscribe form to the website.

46. Adding website captcha.

47. Website backup and database cleaning.

48. Install website security plugins.

49. Sitemap creation and easy website URL structures.

50. Table of contents on the website.

51. Favicon or browser icon on the website.

52. Website SEO (Search engine optimization).

If you want to implement any above features to your website, Feel free to contact us or,

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