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If you have an existing Wix website and thinking to migrate to WordPress, We will help you. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software for bloggers and e-commerce. Whereas Wix is also secure and easy website builder software.

Both Wix and WordPress have their features. If you want to change your website platform from Wix to WordPress then We help to do a manual migration.

There are many good hosting WordPress such as a mocha host that enable users for hosting their websites securely.

Transfer or Migrate Wix to WordPress

Below are the quick and easy steps we follow for migrating the Wix website into WordPress.

1. Give Access to Wix Site

For accessing your website data such as image files, video, and content, you need to give me access by making a website manager to the Wix website. We will manually download the website file to our local disk for the migration.

2. Give Access to WordPress Site

Similar to Wix, You also need to give access to a WordPress site, For designing and uploading data from Wix to WordPress manually. Before you give access, Make sure we both have a proper discussion and the contract is signed.

3. Start the Transfer Process

Once we got access, We will start the migration process. Everything will be manual, And we do not use any automatic software.

Once we complete the migration we will test your site on mobile and tablet devices and send you for revision. You can request any changes to the site.

4. Make WP Website Live

Once the WordPress website is finalized, We will make it live and publish it.

Tips for Wix to WordPress Migration

Here are some of the important notes before you migrate Wix to the WordPress website.

1. Backup Wix Website

Make sure to duplicate your Wix website, Which means backing the site data before migration. If you mistakenly delete the files from a website, It will be easier to recover quickly.

2. Choose Proper WordPress Hosting

Do not choose free or cheap hosting for a WordPress site. Always use reputed WordPress hosting such as Mocha host, Which I am personally using for my and clients’ websites.

3. Do not Share Passwords and Credentials

Do not share your confidential information such as website login email and password with us or someone else. You have always options to make someone an admin of your site and give access.

4. Hire Us or Freelancers

If you are unable to migrate Wix to WordPress Or need help from us, You can contact us by filling out the form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the project.

If you are seeking a freelancer or local web designer, You can check freelancing websites such as Fiverr. And choose Experts to complete the projects.

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